International Goju Shorei Karate Do Association

On September 3, 2010 Shihan Felix Garcia L. de G. passed away. He will be missed by the thousands of students that he guided through the path of Goju-Shorei Karate, as well as the many others that he trained through the Chilean Olympic Committee. His legacy will continue through the black belts and schools that carry the name of the International Goju Shorei Karate Do Association.

Shihan Felix Garcia
El día 3 de Septiembre de 2010 falleció nuestro Shihan Félix García L. de G. El será recordado por los miles de estudiantes que guió a través del sendero de Goju-Shorei Karate, como también tantos a quienes entrenó a través de el Comité Olímpico Chileno. Su legado continuará a través de los cinturones negros y escuelas que llevan el nombre de la International Goju Shorei Karate Do Association
Shihan Felix Garcia and Shihan Efrain Miranda

The International Goju Shorei Karate Do Association (IGSKDA) is a martial arts organization created to maintain the quality and the purity of instruction of the different dojos that are affiliated with it.  Founded in Chile by Shihan Felix Garcia, it has expanded to the United States of America establishing a US branch. The Director for the IGSKDA USA branch is Dr. Efrain A. Miranda, who holds a Seventh Degree Black Belt in the style. Dr Miranda and Shihan Garcia are shown in this picture.

The Goju Shorei style is in reality a continuation of the Goju Ryu style.  The term Shorei honors Seikichi Toguchi Sensei who named his style Shorei-Kan.  For a detail of the lineage of the style, please refer to the best Goju Ryu site in the Web, at

The patch of the IGSKDA USA represents some of the basic precepts which underline the Goju Ryu style. In the center, a modified yin-yang symbol represents the three precepts of Goju Ryu:

 - It should be known that secret principals of Goju Ryu exist in the kata. 

 - Goju Ryu Karate-do is a manifestation within one's own self of the harmonious accord of the universe. 

 - The way of Goju Ryu Karate-do is to seek the way of virtue.

The external symbol represents an eight-pointed star where all its components are interlaced and are in reality only one.  This reflects the spirit of the Eight Poems of the Fist:

 - The mind is one with the heaven and the earth.

 - The circulatory rhythm of the body is similar to the cycle of the sun and the moon.

 - The way of inhaling and exhaling is hardness and softness.

 - Act in accordance with time and change.

 - Techniques will occur in the absence of conscious thought.

 - The feet must advance and retreat, separate and meet.

 - The eyes do not miss even the slightest change.

 - The ears listen well in all directions.

Shihan Miranda practicing Sai
Sensei Miranda and Shihan Garcia practicing Sai
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